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Introducing My Sex Partner

Next year, my sweetie and I will celebrate 40 years of marriage. We also knew each other for five years before that, meaning I have known her longer than any living soul. I can accurately predict her emotions, but not her thoughts. I can tell you what she probably wants to eat when we go to a restaurant, but not what she will want to see at the movie theater. I can tell you what colors look good on her, but not what perfume accents her the best. All of our children will describe her differently, not because she changes who she is for each of them but because she has such a multi-faceted personality.

And none of the children would guess how great she is at sex. When we first got married, she told me not to expect much from her in bed. And she was right; she had no sex skills when we got married. But no one learns with the gusto she does. Over these many years of our marriage, I carried our sexual relationship for the first half. She definitely took the lead these last ten years.

I have her permission to describe her in this blog. At various times, she will actually do the writing and I will sit back and enjoy. Sounds similar to our intimate life. She leads discussion groups in our church on topics like “Sex Positions”, “Oral Sex” and “How to Be Sexier to Your Spouse”. For a virgin who had never read about sex, whose parents never spoke about sex and who, initially,  couldn’t tell a dildo from a doorstop, she has become quite a nympho.

She loves hard and fast intercourse and yet oral sex (giving and receiving) has to be slow. She owns 9 different vibrators and can tell you the value and down-side of each one. She does not dress provocatively in public, but has dozens of outfits she likes to wear during sexual encounters.

She is the Rennaisance Woman for sure. I love her and I wanted you to meet her in this venue.