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Why do Christians need a site dedicated to sex? There are probably hundreds of reasons, but here are the main ones:

1. We often view sex primarily in its sinful manifestations and the proper manifestations of sex are at least as plentiful as the sinful ones.

2. Those who are not followers of Christ think we are against sex…many people need to disabuse that notion.

3. Many people brought up in church were not taught anything about sex…or very little…and this needs to change.

4. Those who are ruled by the Spirit of God are supposed to redeem all things – even sex.

5. I love sex and I hate to see people so mis-taught and mis-informed about it.

6. There are ways that singles and marrieds can enjoy sex that have not been talked about much among Christians.

7. There is much awful advice given by sex therapists who claim no allegiance to God.

Enough reasons? Let’s Talk Sex then.