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A Common Sexual Confusion in Marriage

“So how many times a day would be enough sex for you?” Cheryl asked Greg.

Greg decided to be honest for a change. “Twice a day would do quite nicely”. He knew where this conversation would end, but he thought he would take a shot anyways.

“You’re an oversexed pervert, Greg. You’re not getting sex twice a day. Grow up”. Cheryl left the bedroom confused and angry. Greg got dressed, just as confused and angry.

So what just happened?

They had been married for three years and the pattern was now established. Greg, a financial analyst, loved his wife Cheryl whom he had met at his brother’s college graduation. He thought she was beautiful and extraordinarily funny. Cheryl was a nurse midwife and admired how intelligent and hard working her husband was. On their honeymoon, they made love like rabbits, barely coming out of the bedroom to eat. Cheryl told me she had never had an orgasm in her life until the second day of her marriage. By the end of the two week honeymoon, she was having several a day. There was nothing wrong with their sex life.

Yet, three years into the gig, they fought more about sex than anything else. Read the rest of this entry